Below you will find aggregate ratings and reviews of Christian books to help better inform your decision about which ones are worth your time and money. We don’t sugar coat things. We tell you what other consumers have said in Christian book reviews; the good and the bad.

Our Christian book reviews are broken out into two main categories:

Fictional Christian Book Reviews – for Novels, Novellas, stories, etc. all books which aren’t accounts of real life or history with an underlying Christian theme

Non-Fiction Christian Book Reviews – This section is devoted mainly to Christian based self help books and biographies.


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If You Change Your Words It Will Transform Your Life

“If You Change Your Words It Will Transform Your Life” is a Christian living book that advises those attempting to walk the Christian faith about the power of words. Words are powerful, and the words you choose to use become associated with you and reflect who you are. The entire message behind this book is…


The Chance: A Novel Aggregate Review

Karen Kingsbury’s novels have found success with both Christian and secular audiences. Her novel The Bridge was even adapted into a successful film by the Hallmark channel. Much of Kingsbury’s success, Christian book review writers suggest, comes from her ability to write stories that connect with her audience not just emotionally, but spiritually as well. Her equally…


Unplanned (A Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense Novel) (Volume 1) Aggregate Review

Alana Terry’s Unplanned, the first volume in the Kennedy Stern series, opens with with the busy college student accepting a volunteer position at a new pregnancy center. From the start, Terry’s book establishes itself as a firmly Christian novel, with protagonist Kennedy a clear advocate for pro-life values. The main character prays and reflects on her beliefs in…


The Priority Unit (Maine Justice Book 1) Aggregate Review

Author Susan Page Davis’ first entry in the Maine Justice book series, The Priority Unit, is a lengthy romantic thriller packed with lively characters, a suspenseful plot, and is underscored by a strong Christian message that Christian book review sources identify as a key element of the book series’ appeal to audiences. Davis tells the story of police…


Threads of Suspicion (An Evie Blackwell Cold Case) Aggregate Book Review

 Threads of Suspicion, the second entry in acclaimed author Dee Henderson’s Evie Blackwell Cold Case series, is a gripping, intriguing novel that tells a story full of surprise twists, intense drama, admirable characters and clever detective work. It tells the story of Evie Blackwell, a leading detective for the Illinois State Police Department’s newly formed Missing Persons…


The Sea Keepers Daughters Aggregate Book Review

 “The Sea Keepers Daughters” by Lisa Wingate is a beautiful, romantic story written from the heart and soul. The book is set in North Carolina’s Outer banks, the beauty of the sea and nature creating a beautiful seascape for this story to unfold. Without giving away too many details in this Christian book review, the…